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SurviMate Personal Emergency Water Filter System by SurviMate for Outdoor Camping Life, Hiking, Climbing, Traveling …

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SurviMate Water purifier filtration step

First stage , water inlet mouthpiece

sencond stage , plastic filter

Third stage , antibiosis nonwovens

Fourth stage , coconut activated carbon Function : removel the heavy metal in the water . control the bacteria of carbon

Fifth stage , antibacterial beads

Sixth stage , antibiosis nonwovens

Seventh stage , plastic filter

Removel 99.9999% waterborne bacteria and protozoal like escherichia coli , vibrio bacteria , legionella bacteria , Staphylococcus aureus , salmonella etc . most small filtration fineness is 0.01 micron . people can drink water more saft and more clean

Perfect for Long Term Storage: The SurviMate Filter’s internal filters are sealed inside of the device and designed to last thanks to high grade non-oxidizing materials that make up the internal filters.

Technical Data

Model: K8612

Flow Rate: 550ml/min

Suit Temperature: 32°F-90°F

Shelf Life: 5 Years

Filter Accuracy: 0.01 micron

Filter Life: Up to 1500L (depend on water quality)

Material: BPA Free ABS, PE etc

Product Size: 175*30mm

Product N.W.: 60g

Physical Filter Technique: Hollow fiber UF membrane & Coconut activated carbon & Antibacterial Beads

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