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SurviMate Personal Water Filter Bottle with 2-Stage Integrated Filter by SurviMate for Camping,Hiking,Traveling …

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SurviMate water bottle

Individual PP cocoton & coconut shell activated carbon & hollow fiber UF membrane replacement filter assembly, easy wash and repalcement. FIRST factory to design it. Specification

Brife of Filter Bottle

Outdoor survival filter water bottle is made by high precision ultrafiltration membranes , coconut shell carbon, and antimicrobial particles.

99.9999% of Common Bacteria can be filtered effectively,such as E. coli, and soften water, heavy metal ions, chlorine and other organic contaminants.

The clean

safe and drinkable water will be get immediately (including rainwater, river water, well water,lake water, ground water and tap water) without using any external equipment.

The bottle is ideal for daily use, outdoor adventuring,emergency relief situation ,civil defense application and place which is lack of clean water.

Technical Data

Model: K8618

Capacity: 650ml/min Flow Rate: 550ml/min

Suit Temperature: 32°F-90°F

Shelf Life: 5 Years

Filter Accuracy: 0.01 micron

Filter Life: Up to 1500L (depend on water quality)

Material: BPA Free ABS, PE etc

Product Size: 42*42*5cm

Product N.W.: 190g

Physical Filter Technique: Hollow fiber UF membrane & Coconut activated carbon & Antibacterial Beads

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